I got up bright and early this morning to make the long trip to Port Aransas. The weather was looking good – upper 80s and partly cloudy. That’s pretty typical for this time of year on the coast. I previously picked up a fishing map for Laguna Madre so I decided to see if I can could find the flats near Port Aransas.

When I got to Port A, I had to board a ferry boat to get over to the island. On the way to the island, a dolphin followed us to the other side. It was pretty cool.

I had to drive a ways before I found an area that looked kayakable. I was very pleasantly suprised when I got out on the water. It was clear. I could actually wade in it and see the bottom. How nice! I could get used to that. Althought I only landed one fish – a speckled trout, I did see lots and lots of fish including redfish and sheapshead. I even saw some tailing redfish. The wind was about 15-20 miles per hour at times and I had a hell of a time casting. The only time I was able to reach the tailing redfish, I landed a clouser right on top of them and of course, spooked the hell out of em.

My camera seems to be taking blurier and blurier pictures lately, but I’m putting some on here anyway. Sorry for the quality.

This picture is actually of a school of redfish. You can’t see them in the pic though.

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