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I stopped by Franklin Park last Friday after work …

I stopped by Franklin Park last Friday after work for a little relaxation and fishing. I caught quite a few very little panfish. Nothing special though.

I then tied on a white deer hair Clouser with some pink-ish Flashabou. On the second cast I caught a log… at least it felt like one. Then the log took off towards the moss on the shore. I had a hell of a time keeping it from getting caught up in the muck. I was scared that I was going to break the tippet or that the fly would come loose… I don’t tie knots very well. But neither happened and I landed about a 24″ 2-3 lb catfish. A catfish on a fly… crazy. Even crazier is that it was in that little stocked puddle with the fountain in the middle. I am addicted to fishing that puddle now. You never know what you will pull out. Now I’ll have to see if I can get a chain pickeral! I’ll try to stop by there on the way home!!

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