Big Hunting Creek in Maryland

One of the best things to come out of the Rapidan TU flyfishing show was that I found that one of the best trout streams in the area is only about 30-40 miles from me. Big Hunting Creek near Frederick MD is supposedly an excellent place for native brook trout and stocked rainbows and browns. I can’t wait to get out there. As soon as I can gather some information about it, I’ll post it.

One thought

  1. Just last weekend I caught a 12 inch brown on a size 16 yellow dry fly, The trout hit my fly several times until I allowed it to sink and he finally took, He appeared to be very small in the water until he took off and I thought he was going to snap my leader, to my suprise when I finally got him in, he was a very plump 12 inch Brown! I saw serveral large trout that day but none were interested but for my first time at Big Hunting Creek catching a big Brown I wasnt disapointed

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