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Sunday 2-26-06 Report

The weather was beautiful (60 degrees in February) on Sunday so I decided to head out to the Provo to start the fishing “season” back up. It takes me forever to rig up a weighted, two fly dropper with a strike indicator so like an idiot, I never changed flies. I did change depths though.

I went to the access point by the bridge between Heber and Midway. First, I went to a place next to Charleston. There were soooo many people there that I left. It appeared to be a spin casting access point too.

I only hooked one only. He shook the fly after about 5 seconds. I thought I had a tree limb at first. I don’t think I set it right. Anyway, that was the whole excitement for the 2.5 hours I was there.

I’m getting excited again. I bought a tying desk on Saturday so I have a nice permanent place to store my stuff. Looking forward to some time on the river and at the vise.

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