Trout in Texas?

Yes, there are trout in Texas. I spent this Saturday on the Guadalupe river with my brother, a non angler. I brought my kayak and he rented an inflatable two seater. I felt very sorry for him as it was like paddling a bed mattress down the river. The water was relatively low this time of year so we got stuck on a lot of rocks. When there were rapids, man was it fun. I haven’t had an adrenalin rush like that in years. He almost went off a small waterfall but managed at the last second to get out of the boat and pull it to the side.

I did manage to fish a while but only got one bite. I have no idea what to fish with on the Guadalupe and didn’t do any research. The guy that drove us to the get in spot said a buddy of his caught a 24 inch trout a few days ago. Guessing from the looks of the guy, I’m sure that trout was dinner.

I’m definitely going to have to get back to the Guadalupe and spend some more time fishing before the mass of tubers hit the river.

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