Texas Trout 12-29-06

A friend of mine was in Texas to visit his parents over the holiday. His dad is an avid fly fisher and has a cabin/house within walking distance of the only public trout stream in the great state of Texas, the Guadalupe. The water is extremely low right now due to a drought in the area. Therefore, fishing is expected to be a bit slow.

I drove in from Houston starting at 7:00AM yesterday. It was a bit drizzly but my friend’s father said it should help the fishing. I got in around 10:30a. After I toured the cabin and chatted with their english-accent speaking 5 yr old (they just moved back to the US from the UK, we headed out to the Trout Unlimited leases to see if we could get some freshly planted trout.

We arrived at one of the spots and found a few folks fishing already. Neither of us caught anything at this location.

A game warden came up to us and asked for licenses. I showed him mine, but Scot was in visiting and he didn’t have one. So, the warden said that he would give Scot 15 minutes to go get one or he would get fined 150.

We headed back to the rental car to drive Scot up to the hardware store to get a one day license. Unfortunately, Scot’s father accidently locked the keys in the trunk. I happened to have kept my mobile phone in my pocket so luckily we could call for help. We called Scot’s mother to see if she could get a hold of the rental car company. Well, it turned out that when we called his mother, she was waiting for EMS to arrive because she had just fallen and broken her nose and banged up her knee. This was turning into a really odd day.

I got hold of the rental car company who sent out a locksmith about 30 minutes later. We got into the car, grabbed some BBQ and went to another location.

We had a bit more luck there. Scot’s first 3 casts found a 10 inch trout on each retrieve.

I even pulled in one of the 10 inchers on a bh nymph. I missed a few strikes.

The wind kicked up and then we were pelted by very very cold rain.

Overall, it was still a lot of fun, even with the strange events that happened. I’m definitely going to join the local TU and get a lease so I can continue to fly fish for trout. Fly fishing around Houston for bass in murky still water just isn’t the same as standing in a cold river, watching trout rise to flies on the surface.

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