Beat the pond

I’m planning to master my local pond. I am tired of not being able to even get a panfish when I go out during my lunch breaks.

I got some great advice from Kevin, a former VA fishing buddy of mine. I’ve always been more of a trout fisher while he likes big bass and warm water species. I chatted with him over IM the other day and he told me what I need to do to catch bass out of the pond. I’ll report on my success with his suggestions over the next couple of weeks. I’m determined to beat that pond!

Author: TraderDeanGA

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  1. Are you sure there are bass there to begin with? he he he…..Anyway in my experience bass fishing these smaller ponds can be very rewarding, but bass in these ponds seem to be more weary than bass in larger bodies of water. Go natural! Try natural looking baits…. The techniques you use to catch bass in a large lake or river may not work so well in a small pond.JerGo Bass Fishing

  2. Thanks for the advice. I was told to go with wooly buggers (small) or even worm patterns and bounce along the bottom and dropoffs. I’m not sure if there are any dropoffs in this pond though. I’m starting to see more surface activity and quite a few frogs so I may try some frog poppers.

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