Making progress

As part of a birthday gift to me (holy crap, I’m 40 today), my pond let me catch quite a few fish this evening. I took the advice of Kevin, Mr Bass, and tied up a small, white WB with black hackle wire and olive maribou. I tied it on a size 12 hook.

His advice was to bounce it on the bottom near drop offs with 10″ retrieves. It worked.

First fish was a feisty perch. Good sign. Second fish was a perch minnow, but I caught it almost instantly after catching the first. I started to walk closer to the island in the back corner of the pond and threw a cast out to the water between the island and the shore, carefully avoiding the many turtles. A small tug which turned into a nice run for a small bass.

First bass

Couple of casts after the first bass, I got another.

Second Bass

After I released the second, I saw the water stiring near the shore about 20 yards down the shore. I quickly cast to it, about a foot to the left and it hit my WB. Within about 10 seconds of a hefty fight, it pulled my fly off. Maybe next time….

I had to run to the store to pick up some important stuff like coffee for the next morning, so I had to leave. I was sooo happy that I found some success on the pond.

On to larger fish now!

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  1. Happy Birthday and congratulations on the fish! Believe it or not my 41st birthday was on April 1. I hope we keep on fishing for another 40 years!


  2. Thanks Luciano. Another 40 would be great. Keep up the great blog, btw. I enjoy reading it.


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