45 minutes of fun

Lunch fishing can be fun. I never thought I could enjoy fly fishing in 45 minute segments, but I did.

I walked across the street to my little home pond today with my cheap, 3 wt fly rod. I hadn’t used it in probably 2 years (I wouldn’t dare of used it on the Provo for fear of a monster trout snapping it in two). Sticking with white flies was key once again.

My first fly was a white wb with a striped white and grey hackle that I tied as one of my first flies years ago. I had some trouble getting the thing to sink as it didn’t have any weight on it. The funny thing is after a noticebly poor attempt at a roll cast, I tried to pull the fly out of the water without disturbing it and all of a sudden, a bass jumped out of the water at it. That got me going.

There’s a small channel created by an island in the middle of the pond that I like to target. There seem to be a lot of bass in there and it reminds me of fishing in a river which I sorely want to do soon (and I will be next month). I cast a couple of times and then the fly stopped…. completely. The stop turned into a run that within 3 seconds, snapped the fly right off. I did see the fish before it ran off with my homemade fly – it was about an 18 inch bass. I was completely psyched after that.

I tried a homemade white and pink tinsel clouser I made for redfish. No luck with this one. I switched to a really poorly made wb with too little chennelle and too much head thread. Didn’t seem to matter for the small bass and perch. I caught another 5 or 6 and realized my lunch was over.

Now that was fun. Can’t wait for my next long walk across the street.

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