Quick lunch fishing

Bass with my Ross reel

I picked up a dozen Wooly buggers from the Orvis Days sale a couple of days ago so I thought I would try them out on my little pond across the street. I chose a size 10 olive conehead WB to try first. I used my Sage 5Wt rod which I’m taking to Broken Bow OK next week for a 2 day fly fishing trip. Second cast, I caught this nice little bass. Thought I hung on a log at first until it took off. It even did a couple of leaps for me. Boy, that was fun.

I apologize for the awful pics. I need to start bringing the real camera. My Motorola Q phone just doesn’t hack it.

A pond bass

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  1. now those had to have been fun! Bass that size on a fly rod is all kinds of action indeed!


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