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Back from Lower Laguna Madre fishing

I got back yesterday from fishing the lower Laguna Madre flats.  The family went on a 5 day trip to South Padre Island so I absolutely had to spend a little time trying to catch some redfish or other saltwater critter.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any luck.  I tried to find a kayak to rent on the island because I didn’t want to have to drag mine down there and then have to deal with storing it and securing it for five days.  Unfortunately, fishing kayaks aren’t to be found anywhere on the island.  So, I found a place to walk in… just north of the SPI Convention Center.  It was about 93 degrees and very very sunny.

There were three things that came out of the trip –

1) I got to see redfish chasing baitfish – although it isn’t as fun as catching a redfish, just hunting them while they are doing what redfish do was fun.

2) I think I may finally give up on saltwater fly fishing – too hot, too sandy, and creepy fish (what the heck was the pencil thin 8 inch long fish that kept swarming my fly???!@@)

3) Pictures speak for themselves

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