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I have a fly fishing trip planned. It’s a doozy. I’m going to British Columbia for 5 days and get to fish for 2 full guided days! I’m beyond excited about it. I believe I’ll be fishing for pinks and maybe some Koho. I’ve never fished for salmon before so I’m thrilled. My guide also wants me to do some Spey fishing which I have mixed feelings about. I’m not sure I want to spend half a day (or more) trying to become proficient enough to cast with a new method. Yes, it’s nice to try new things, but geez, I just don’t get a lot of opportunities to do real fly fishing.

The guide, Ken Moreau of Single Spey Fly-Fishing Adventures –, sent me some recommendations for flies to tie. I was kind of hoping they would be some exotic beautiful salmon flies that I only get to see in books, but instead the guidance was to tie wooly buggers!! So, nothing too fun.

More info and definitely lots of pictures to come….

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