Guadalupe River tripette

The morning started out very foggy which caused a pretty miserable backup on I35. Brittany, my lovely wife, and I headed down to Gruene around 10:00am this morning. Besides the overwhelming fog, the temperature was expected to be unseasonably warm. I think it hit the upper 70s. The drive down from Austin to the river was stop and go traffic the whole way.

I dropped Brittany off at the little historic town of Gruene for some uninterupted shopping time. I stopped by Gruene Outfitters to pick up some flies and leaders and then headed over to Little Ponderosa. 20 minutes later, I pulled into the GRTU lease spot where I met a fellow GRTU member named Tuan. He was just suiting up so I wished him goodluck and walked down to a very promising looking spot where a good amount of foam was swirling around.

I rigged up a yellow egg attractor fly and a little nymph dropper. I spent about 20 minutes working the area and then the indicator stopped. I reacted and the line went tight. Felt like a small bow. 15 seconds later, I think it figured out it was in trouble because it become a much bigger fish. I started to worry about the knots I tied. 30 seconds after that, I had the fish in my hands. It was about a 3 – 4 lb trout and definitely the largest I had landed since Utah. I forgot my net so I didn’t get an opportunity to snap a picture and I was afraid to see if my iPhone would float.

I didn’t land anything else today and really only got about 45 more minutes on the water but I consider it a successful and very satisfying day.

Oh, and here’s a picture of my wife of 13 years. I heard Allistair over at The Urban Fly Fisher asked fly fishing bloggers for pictures of the understanding wives, so here’s mine.

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  1. Dean – Once more you have proved the point that anglers seem to attract the most beautiful specimens of the female variety !
    We really are lucky men

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