Guadalupe trip

Took a trip out to the GRTU lease on the Guadalupe on Sunday. The short of it was that I didn’t even get a bite. I brought my cane rod and tried to use a dual rig nymph setup but had issues with the wind. I spent way too much time untangling.

The thing that I’ll remember about this trip was the rude guide that stopped about 15 feet downstream from me, let the clients out, had them fish for a while, got back in and went over the area I was fishing and then stopped 15 feet upstream and stopped again to fish. They had the whole river to fish and my area was just too inviting. So I got out of the river and snapped a picture and left. Although it wasn’t “my” area it was still just bad manners to completely surround me.

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  1. Looks that you had a great trip experience there in Guadalupe. I like the location it's nice for fishing because the water was very clear.

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