Fly Fusion Magazine, Booking Agent and Ugly Carp

When I was in BC a while back, I picked up a copy of Fly Fusion Magazine. I was pretty impressed with it overall and thought that it was worthy of a subscription.

Here’s a picture of a model carp from the current edition of the magazine:

Article and Pic: Fly Snobs Not Allowed

Fishing for carp are probably as close as I’ll get to bonefishing any time soon. I’m pretty sure I can find them around central Texas somewhere.

Oh, speaking of bonefishing and traveling to bonefish waters, I listened to an extremely informative podcast at Internet Radio. Jim Klug from Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures was interviewed on the last show. I haven’t spent much time traveling to exotic places to pursue my favorite hobby, but it was very obvious that Jim has and would be a wonderful resource if you were considering a trip. Here’s a link to the podcast.

Also, if you wanna check out a different type of fly fishing magazine, order a copy or a subscription of Fly Fusion. They aren’t distributed widely in the states (at least from my experience) so you may have to just order one and give it a try.

Fly Fusion Magazine subscription link

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