Cold Pedernales morning

On Saturday morning, I stopped by Sportman’s Finest for the Casting for Recovery benefit. I was just running by for a few minutes to sign up for a raffle to win an overly excellent handmade wooden fly tying material box or a TFO rod and give my money to a good cause. I also put the DVD Drift on order with Ted. I can’t wait to get it. I’ve heard it’s excellent. Anyway, I’ll review it when I get it later this week.

I then ran out to Reimers Ranch for some quick action. The weather was pretty crappy (by Austin standards) so the family didn’t want to do anything other than stay inside so I took the opportunity to get out while I could.

I got there around 10:30. Nobody was there on a Saturday due to the overcast skies and low 40 degree temps. No problem to me I thought. I’ve fished in conditions where my fishing boots have actually frozen to rocks that I stood on. 43 is nothing compared to that.

I brought my Headwaters bamboo rod and some Cypher’s Minnows that I tied up a couple of weeks back. The water was much higher than my last trip and the flow reminded me of the Guadalupe. I was alone on the river.

After a few casts, the serenity was broken by automatic weapon fire. I’m guessing one of the many huge ranches surrounding Reimers Ranch was being used as a shooting range. Not too calming. After I determined I wasn’t in imminent danger, I went back to trying to work a deep hole that I caught the respectable bass in last time. I didn’t have a lot of luck unfortunately. I caught an 8 or 9 inch largemouth bass but that was it.

I think I must have acclimated to the normal Austin climate because after about an hour, I couldn’t take the cold any longer. The wind was blowing right through my longsleeve Sage tshirt and my toes was froze. It wasn’t fun anymore. I decided to get back to my family back at the homestead and wait for a call from the flyshop telling me about the new rod I won. Well, I didn’t win anything but I did have a great day supporting a good cause and spending some time out on the river. Hard to beat that for a weekend morning.

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