New Books to Review and Ask About Fly Fishing update

Rick Passek was kind enough to send me a couple of his The Freshman FlyFisher series of books to review – The Freshman FlyFisher – A Beginners Guide for a New Generation and The Freshman FlyFisher’s Insect Guide.


I’m finishing up At the Rivers Edge by Jerry Kustich right now but am looking forward to reading them. I quickly paged through them and they look very well made with beautiful photography (my type of book).

Speaking of entomology, two items of note. First, there is an iPhone application to help people identify flies and help them retain the information by giving them quizzes. It’s called North Woods Fly Fishing Guide and is available through iTunes (or your iPhone) here. It’s $0.99. It’s not super comprehensive but I was just excited to find anything for my iPhone remotely related to fly fishing. Now if someone would create a casting simulator for the iPhone, I would be set.

Second, the author of the two books, Rick Passeck, will be on D. Roger Maves’ Ask About Fly Fishing show this Wednesday at 8:00p CT. They have a bunch of giveaways including a copy of the Insect Guide book, a FFF membership, and a subscription to Fly Fusion magazine. So, DVR American Idol and listen in to learn about bugs and get a chance to win some of the goodies.

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