Fly Fishing Film tour review

Wow, couldn’t believe the turnout at the Austin edition of the Fly Fishing Film tour at the Alamo Draft House. Phenomenal. There are a ton of angler and angler wannabes in this town.

So, flicks I liked:

Things I didn’t like:

  • Bison Burger at Alamo Draft House- I could smell it on it’s way down the isle to my seat, and not in a good way. I guessed it would be like buffalo burger or hamburger… nope.

Overall, excellent evening. The video of Leslie (Austin’s celebrity cross dresser – yes, Austin is wierd) fly fishing/ballet/fencing/?? was hilarious. And his warning to the audience to turn off your cell phones or he will sit in your lap was very effective. They should start all movies at your local theatre with Leslie’s warning.

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