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The Freshman Flyfisher by Rick Passek book review

I finished reading Rick Passek’s The Freshman FlyFisher Book today. He’s taken a very different angle to helping introduce fly fishing to new anglers wanting to join the club of obsessed fly fishing folks. He doesn’t write like a quote “writer”. He writes like an extremely knowledgeable friend or fly shop owner would. It’s a very casual style that is easy to follow and read.

The book consists of 126 pages which makes it not too short to desire more substance but also not so long as to intimidate new anglers. It’s not full of fly fishing history or details about knots or types of fly lines… its full of useful, practical information. He also references videos on his site at when the instructions are a bit too difficult to portray in writing. This is a nice touch.

The chapters are:

He also includes a Recommended Reading section and some Fishing Log Pages.

So, who is this book for? I think it’s an excellent book for any new fly fisher. Although I’ve been fly fishing for 8-ish years, I picked up some great advice as well. It’s compact and easy to carry around. When I first started and was out by myself on streams in GA, I tried carrying a couple of books to use as references. I wish I had this book with me. If you are a newbie in a northern US state or likely anywhere in Canada, this book is a must. If you are teaching a fly fishing course, you should definitely consider this book as a possible textbook.

One note, although I mention that the book would be great for all new fly fishing students, it targets the British Columbia province of Canada. He gives specific fly fishing shop info along with lake and river advice for BC. The book reminds me of all the fabulous fishing opportunities in our northern neighbor country. I’m so ready to take another trip up North.

Next up, Rick’s The Freshman FlyFisher’s Insect Guide. I’m ready to get down and dirty into the bugs. Review coming soon….

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