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Headwater Rod back in commission

As many of you know, I broke my Headwater cane rod a while back and was pretty distraught by the loss. I hadn’t gotten around to springing for the $150 to replace it. I was day dreaming a bit today and thought, why can’t I just throw a new guide on the end and be done with it. That would be a hell of a lot cheaper. Yes, it probably isn’t technically the right thing to do, but it’s worth a try.

I had some time after church today so I ran over to my local fly shop, The Sportsmans Finest. Brady looked through some guides in a box and ran across a black one. It didn’t match my rod, but what the hell. He epoxied it on there and 2 minutes later, done. So, hopefully for the 5 dollars I spent, I get my rod back!

I also picked up a copy of The Alaska Chronicles: An Unwashed View of Life, Work, and Fly Fishing
I was looking for something entertaining so I hope it fits the bill. I’ll post a review when done.

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