Alaska Chronicles and Why My Dream to Guide in the Northern-most state is Over

Yes, in the back of my mind, I thought just maybe…. I’ll run off to Alaska and ditch all my responsibilities to spend every waking hour on the water either catching monster fish or helping others land the fish of their lifetime. Little did I know about the non-stop non-fishing work, the poop, and the unappreciative whiners.

The Alaska Chronicles by Miles Nolte is a candid look at the joy of guiding in one of the worlds most beautiful places and all the mundane and sometimes disgusting tasks that go with the job. The book was assembled from semi-daily journal posts that he did for the awesome Drake magazine. Some days postings are very short and just an expansion on something he was thinking about that day. Other chapters are detailed, often hilarious descriptions of a day or trip assignment.

I found the book to be interesting all the way through. Unfortunately, I wish Miles spent more time in Alaska as I read it in a couple of days. Here’s hoping Miles will go back next season.

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