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If I drown out the smell, Barton Creek is like being on an East Coast trout stream

Back in high school, a friend of mine was an avid fly fisher. When we wanted to go out, he would sometimes stay home and tie flies. I made fun of him endlessly for this. He also would go about a block away from his house and fly fish in a little stream called Barton Creek. At the time, fishing for me was about getting huge bass or catfish on bait. Again, I would kid him for messing with the little “minnows” in his nearby stream.

Now that I’m older and moved back to the area that I grew up in, I thought I would try out the little minnow stream in Lost Creek. I’m very happy I did. It’s an easy access, beautiful little stream. I posted some pics below of a couple of my recent trips. My son went with me on the first visit. Although he didn’t catch anything (and he’s getting to be a pretty good caster for a 7 yr old), he thoroughly enjoyed wading in the stream.

I went back after work on Friday as it’s on my way home. As long as the water stays in the creek, I think I may spend a lot more time there. And sorry Scot for being such an ass as a kid. You had the right idea.

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