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Reimers Ranch in March

Although I had a ton of stuff to do today at work, against my better judgement, I took off early and went out to Reimers Ranch to pick up an annual pass and see if there were any white bass that were hungry for a fly. The $10 a visit admission fee has been adding up lately. I’ve enjoyed every visit out there so what the hell, I brought my $100 check and now can go to the Pedernales any time I want.

I only had about 2 hours before the park closed so I spastically put on my wader pants (the ones I bought from Orvis a while back when I went back to Utah) in the front seat of the Saab. That brings up a point, I really need a 4 wheel drive trout bum-type of vehicle. The Saab just doesn’t fit the bill. I wonder if people in Sweden even go fly fishing in a Saab. I’ll have to check that out some day.

I ran down the hill and saw a frickin Jetski fly by on the river. What? Why would somebody take a Jetski to the Pedernales? Regardless, they only made one pass by so hopefully the fishing wasn’t too ruined.

The water was very still compared to last week but it was still pretty clear. I found a nice spot to enter the river and started fishing. I started with a green Cypert Minnow I tied a few weeks back. Nada. I switched to a white clouser, nothing. A mayfly hatch was starting to come off so I tried a dry fly. That didn’t work though some top water activity was starting to occur. I also tied a white Cypert Minnow in my last tying session so I tied that on. First cast, fish on – my first white bass on the fly. He was a pretty good fighter for a little fish. I had a hard time managing the net, the rod, the fish and the 3GS so the picture below sucks. I need a better solo photo strategy….

After letting the fish go and overhearing a bait caster exclaim “look, the fly fishing guy caught one”, I cast again. Fish on. Another 9″ ish white bass. This is getting fun.

Another cast and I snagged the fly. I ended up breaking off the white Cypert fly and losing it. I took that as a sign to leave. Mission accomplished.

Poor quality pictures follow:

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