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Another quick Reimers Ranch – Pedernales River fishing excursion

Not much to say about the trip today other than I caught a couple of fish in the hour and a half I was at the river. I caught one larger white bass that I decided not to manipulate into a fishporn shot. The water was much murkier than on my last few trips. I couldn’t see the bottom which is a bit disconcerting considering I decided to see if I could fish, wade and use my new Canon DSLR camera at the same time. I only had one close call when a boat motored by me and drove a series of waves up to the bottom of the camera.

White flies tended to work better for me (white Cypert Minnow about a size 10 and some ghastly combination of giant dumbbell eyes, white chenille, and white marabou on a size 8 hook that I threw together one day when I bought into the logic that bass like big ugly stuff). Also, fishing in the weedy shallow areas was most productive. Some pics below:

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