Longs Fish Camp and a new rod!

Ted over at Sportsmans Finest recommended I try out the virtually Internet hidden Longs Fish Camp outside of Kingsville. There is almost no information on the interwebs about it. Amazing… not even a phone number. Ted was able to find some basic directions which he photocopied for me. It sounded intriguing so Parker and I headed out there on Sunday, not quite knowing what to expect.

The directions were accurate and it could have been a really nice access point for the Llano River, but there were just too many people out there to enjoy it. In addition, the water was very muddy which isn’t very Llano-like.

We practiced some casting and I practice my knot untangling. The temp was around 95 so due to all the people, the murky water and the desire to get out of the sun for a bit, we packed it up and headed home.

We have a week long trip to Breckenridge coming up so I’m really looking forward to cold water fishing again. Bring on the trout!

On another note, tip for you… the Make an Offer button on eBay which I hadn’t seen before basically means Make an Offer and Buy. I lowballed a March Brown 7 pc 3 wt rod last night and it was accepted. It should be a great rod for my CO trip though I’m not sure it was worth the discussion I had to have with my wife this morning when I informed her that I accidentally bought a rod the night before.

Here are some pics from Longs Fish Camp:


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