Fathers Day Gift Ideas for the flyfisherman

Sometimes it’s hard to find a gift for someone who you think has everything. I ran across The Painted Trout a few months back and was very impressed with their selection and quality of work. It’s not just a bunch of cutesy gifty crap.

With Fathers Day coming up very soon, I thought I would point out some stuff that I would like to get in case one, my wife is reading, two, you could use some ideas.


The Dream Flies Pajamas

Now you can go to sleep covered in a mayfly hatch.


Adams Zinger

A Zinger with style


Maple Burl and Black Walnut Presentation Fly Box

If your loved one owns some collectors flies or ties their own flies, it would be hard to find a more beautiful place to keep them than these boxes. If you are looking to gift a women this day, just check out the Gift Baskets for Women which can easily be customized to match your needs.  So, there ya go – three recommendations from the Anglerwannabe. Mrs. Anglerwannabe, I know – that rod I accidently purchased on eBay the other day is my Fathers Day gift. But, for all you other sons, daughters, or wives, I think these items would make any fly fisher happy.

btw, I am an affiliate for The Painted Trout though I don’t do it for the money. I like their stuff and want to introduce it to others. If I happen to get some change in the process, it’ll help pay for hosting.

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