Day Trip dejavu

I took a vacation day today to spend some time out on the GRTU lease on the Guadalupe. Although the weather was very different than the last trip, I caught the exact same number and mix of fish: 1 nice rainbow and 1 dinky bass.

When I arrived at Site 5 around 10:15a this morning, the water was covered with guide boats. Well, there were 2 of them milling around the put-in but it seemed blanketed by them. It doesn’t seem right to have guides make money off the fish that are paid for by the local TU club.

After I got past them, I started enjoying myself. I caught a little bass and then a really nice ‘bow. He did the jumps and the long runs and everything that a nice big trout should do. It was awesome. I can see myself spending more time on the Guadalupe.

Another Anglerwannabe

My favorite place on the Guad

Rainbow on Guad

Bow on the Guadalupe

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  1. Glad you had a good day…there should be many more to come on the Guad. I hope to run in to you sometime there.

    One word about the guides. I am not a guide, but I know quite a few of the guys who guide on the Guad.

    We have some guides serving on the board of directors for GRTU, including our late chapter president (who was the VP of Fisheries before agreeing to become president). Several guides participate in the lease access program even though they are not allowed to guide clients from the lease access sites.

    These guys are on the water every day and know more about the health of the fishery than just about anyone. They are responsible for introducing people from around the country to our river, and helping them appreciate how unique it is. The good guides are great ambassadors for our sport and our river, and do the best they can to balance sharing the river and guiding their clients effectively.

    When the fish that GRTU purchases and stocks hit the water, they cease to be property of the chapter. They are a gift to the people of the state of Texas. So I am happy to share the water with our guides. They are some of the best folks you will ever meet on the water. Chat with them as they float by. You just might make a friend for life.

    1. Hi Mark,

      Thanks for stopping by the blog.

      Definitely have nothing against guides. I’m very happy that the Guadalupe can support guiding businesses.

      I think I started off a little negative because I met another grtu member walking up the trail and he was saying that he finally left because the guides stayed floating around the good spots. When I got down there, I just waded past them and kept going. No problem. I’ll take your advice next time and say hi. I usually just try to stay out of the way and not bother them.

      Anyway, if you see a silver Saab 9-3 in the parking lot, it’s probably me. Would love to meet in person.


      1. Likewise. I drive a white F250 with a camper shell and a big red Scott sticker on the back.

        I definitely understand the angst with having spots taken…I usually will jump downstream for a while and then leapfrog back upstream a bit later. There is usually a lot of water they can’t get to with the raft (unless clients want to get out), or they just don’t fish.

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