Once in a Blue Moon available online at Hulu

I am anxiously waiting for fly fishing movies to start making the move from DVDs only to online. There currently aren’t any on Netflix instant streaming. I get my fix currently by subscribing to YouTube channels. BTW, I can post my favorite channels if anyone is interested. But, Hulu just made the fine New Zealand mouse hatch fish porn movie Once in a Blue Moon available online. Kudos to them. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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  1. Hey there Angler Wannabe,

    I for one would love to know what Youtube channels are your favorite.

    The video is pretty great, thanks for posting it. I’ve been wondering for quite some time why the “Fishing” genre at Netflix hasn’t added any fly fishing dvd’s or streaming movies as well. Maybe it’s a good thing? There aren’t enough of us to make it worth their while?

    I think you’re doing a great job with the new format and layout. I’m looking forward to more posts!

    -Petri Heil (German for “Tight Lines”

    1. Thanks for the comment. I’m dying for more online fly fishing videos. I too was disappointed that Netflix streaming has literally zero fly fishing movies unless you count “the movie.”

      I’ll post a link to some of the interesting YouTube channels I have found soon. I have another development venture that I’ve just started related to fly fishing video that I’ll post details about a bit later after I make more progress. I have a few too many projects going right now but I guess that’s good.

      I enjoy your blog posts too. You have a real talent for design and storytelling. Keep it up. You make fishing in Texas much more enjoyable.

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