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I’ve been a long time podcast listener ever since the days when Geek News Central was just starting and podcasters were trying to figure out what encoding format to use. Fly fishing podcasts have come and gone and some have stood out as worth listening to on a regular basis. Some of the ones I used to follow just abruptly stopped being produced. I definitely understand why as I’ve considered starting one of my own up but haven’t due to the time commitment and I just didn’t want to disappoint the legion of fans that I would no doubt accumulate if I had to give it up. Ha.

To help prevent you, my loyal fan, from digging through iTunes and finding a podcast that looks interesting but realizing that it is no longer updated, I’m copying my subscription list below. Btw, I’ve found the iPhone application, Instacast, to be simple but very reliable for keeping up to date in the world of fly fishing. Also, being a central Texas resident, listening to all the wonderful places that podcasters live and fish helps keep the dreams alive for me.

Anyway, here’s my list. If you have some other good ones that I didn’t include, comment so you can share them with the readers.

Podcast list

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