Lotsa stuff soon

I promise, I have not abandoned this blog. I have been fishing but just can’t get myself to post to this blog thingy of mine. Seems like every time I get around to sitting down at my Mac or iPad to compose some witty blog post in the fly fishing blogger’s snarky tone of voice, I think of something else to do like sleep, play the guitar or about anything else really. I’ve fished the Blanco River, Llano River and even spent a few days in Colorado but haven’t written about it yet. So, instead of doing the deed, I’ll post about doing it in the future. If that isn’t procrastination, I don’t know what is. Since I’m such a lazy sod, you can always follow my Flickr feed where I do actually put up my photos from trips consistently. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.. http://www.flickr.com/photos/anglerwannabe/

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