Buying flies for the cause

Everyone who keeps up with fly fishing new media (first time I’ve heard all 4 of those words together I think) knows about Recycled Fish and Teeg Stouffer.  Teeg is one of the hosts of the Fish Schtick, a consistently entertaining and informative podcast, frequently with a fly fishing focus.  Teeg is the Executive Director of that organization.  It’s a great organization that helps promote making fisheries stronger and fish populations healthier.

Everyone needs more flies, right?  I went fishing for 45 minutes a couple of days ago and lost 3 flies (to big fish, not brush).  I’m pretty sure readers of this blog lose flies too.  Regardless of why you need flies, every angler needs ’em.

So, here’s the good news.  You can buy the flies you need at great prices and 30% of the proceeds from your purchase go to the excellent organization Recycled Fish!  What are you waiting for!  Matter of fact, I’m going to get on there right now and buy some Muddler Minnows to replace the ones I lost to the freakishly large fish in my local drainage ditch.

Here’s the link to the store:

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