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My name is Dean Burris and I’ve been addicted and I mean truly obsessed with fly fishing for about 11 years. This is actually one of the first fly fishing blogs on the scene (first in the US for sure), but has been up and down over the years. I take up blogging more actively depending on how often I fish and my work schedule.

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to fly fish in many states as I’ve moved around the US with my vocation. I’ve lived in GA, VA, AZ, UT and now TX. Each has their own fly fishing characteristics that I have enjoyed.

My big challenge now is finding good waters to fish in Texas without travelling over 5 hours. It’s been difficult, but I’m convinced I’ll do it.

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  1. Happy Birthday Old Man! Glad you were able to take something away from it besides grey hair! Can’t wait to hit the stream with you soon.

  2. Our company, Sporting Fly Productions, films in high definition and we have some new DVDs that I thought you might be interested in reviewing. We have a Kenai River, Alaska DVD, Fremont River, Utah DVD and also a DVD entitled A Bamboo Artisan on the Ruby River with Jerry Kustich. I think that you might enjoy these DVDs. We are also working on the Madison River, Beaverhead River and Snake River DVDs to be completed soon.

    Let me know if you are interested and I can send a few DVDs your way.

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  3.  That’s quite a lot of places to have fly fished, lots of variations for
    sure.  I think Andrew is right about not being a wannabe anymore 🙂

    Would you be interested in reviewing a new fishing iPhone app called iFishEarth. The app takes a new approach to how fishing reports and tide predictions are organized and accessed — making it simple and user friendly to find relevant info.

    It’s free to download and is also available on the iPad.  Below if the link to it in the App Store and my contact (the developer).


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